Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digital Delay on Justice League 1

As I mentioned last night, I was curious to see whether there would be a midnight release of Justice League 1 on Comixology, similar to the midnight releases at comic shops around the country, and if so what time zone it would go by. I guessed that Eastern would make the most sense, so when I checked Comixology's DC store at about 12:30am Eastern and didn't see anything new, I just about decided it wasn't going to happen and went to bed. But then I checked the general store homepage and found this:

At first 2am Eastern time seemed like an odd choice, but it makes sense as a compromise between making easterners wait all the way until 3am in order to release at midnight Pacific time, and giving Pacific-coast digital readers an unfair advantage over their print-reading counterparts if it were released at midnight Eastern time. At any rate, I was happy to see that Comixology put up the note letting us know when to expect the release, as I think one of the weaknesses of their release schedule thus far is that it is typically unpredictable (another post on that another day). And then I came back at 2am Eastern time (11pm Pacific) and it was still not there. I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed for five minutes, growing more and more annoyed at Comixology's lack of timeliness.

And then I looked at the notice again and saw, as you no doubt saw at first glance, that it says 2pm, not 2am. Sigh. So I guess I'll be posting a review tomorrow after all. C'est la vie.

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